“Who Inspires Me?”  {A Blog Hop}

“Who Inspires Me?” {A Blog Hop}

A few weeks ago, my incredibly talented friend Harriet Mellor featured me on her blog as part of the “Who Inspires Me? Blog Hop.”  I was so flattered and honored!  You can read her post here. I met Harriet in a Make Art that Sells class that we both took from Lilla Rogers last fall.  I have always admired Harriet’s work.  She has a very distinct style.  It’s delicate, yet bold at the same time. She has lived in many countries around the world, and her rich background shows up beautifully in her work!  She also has a great sense of humor.   These are a few of my favorite pieces: This was the piece that got her a place in the top 50 for the Global Talent Search.  It reminds me of a vintage seed packet:   Harriet recently had her artwork licensed with Phoenix Trading.  Look at this great embossed card!   Click here to visit Harriet’s website and blog to see more of her stunning work! ***** Now I have to answer a few questions about myself: QUESTION #1 WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON RIGHT NOW? Right now I am working like crazy on lots of wholesale orders.  Gift shops are gearing up for the holidays, and they are beginning to re-stock their polka dot mitten products.  (you should see the mess that is our kitchen and garage right now!)  In my spare time, I have been trying to design some greeting cards and coordinate patterns. I’d love to start submitting my art to card companies, and/or produce my own greeting cards for wholesale. QUESTION #2 WHY DO YOU...
Global Talent Search Semi-Finalist!

Global Talent Search Semi-Finalist!

Good morning! I am in a state of shock right now, because my piece was chosen to be in the top 50 for Lilla Rogers’ Global Talent Search!  What an amazing opportunity!  I took Make Art That Sells parts A and B, as well as Bootcamp, over the past year, and I have grown an incredible amount. I feel a little bit like a kid on Christmas morning!  There were so many beautiful pieces of art that were submitted.  I don’t know how they narrowed it down from 999 to just 50. These are some of the beginnings of this piece.  I scanned the best ones, along with some background paintings, to create my artwork. (I was also working on some custom Michigan artwork at the time, so there are some other random things thrown on these pages, too!) I also have another version of my terrarium art, which I didn’t like as much as the one I submitted: I submitted my final piece early in the week, because I was super busy with the store and Polka Dot Mitten, and I wanted to make sure I got my assignment done.  This is the one I submitted: I also created several other pieces from my main piece:   I’m really nervous about the next round, but also very excited to get started on the assignment!  Hope you’ll all follow along on this...
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