A Summer Night To-Do List

A Summer Night To-Do List

I really need to slow down a little bit.  Last week I had a little panic attack.  I actually thought it was my heart, but thankfully, it was not.  Fortunately I have an assistant now, and she is making thing go much more smoothly around here!  Cheers to the demands of a growing business!


I do have a summer “bucket list.”  I want to clean out my closet. I want to go to the beach at least one time (since we live all of 5 minutes a way from Lake Michigan and all), I want to go on my dad’s boat at least once, I want to swim in my parents’ pool.  I want to do more fun things with my kids.  I want to have a night out with my friends at least once a month.  I also want to sit outside, listen to the stars, and catch fireflies.  What’s on your summer bucket list?

Catch Fireflies

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