A Stepping Stone

A Stepping Stone

Something I need to remember right now (and always) while I’m taking Make Art that Sells (MATS):

Where I am right now is just a stepping stone.  It’s so inspiring to see all kinds of people getting their artwork licensed because of MATS.  It’s a dream of mine!  Although it gets a little discouraging every time I don’t hear back from a company I have sent artwork to, I have to keep in mind that where I am right now is a lot farther than I was a year ago today.  And where will I be a year from now?  5 years from now?  It all kind of comes full circle to the “5” book by Dan Zadra that made me quit my waitressing job in 2011 and open a shop. (here is a link to that story)  Which led to Polka Dot Mitten.  What a weird and wonderful and crazy life it is!


Here is a link to the March gallery for MATS:  See if you can spot my Jell-O pattern!


Where You Are Right NowJello Pattern

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