My week in review

My sister sent me this link about cutting out processed food.  I was happy to see that I can still drink wine. :) 

I’ve had a super busy week- because it was the last week of school.  We had picnics and field trips and summer birthday celebrations going on…  It made the week fly by.  Thursday, I went on a field trip to the Star of Saugatuck and we also went on a Saugatuck scavenger hunt.  It was fun to walk around and find things in town that I always noticed as a kid, but kind of forgot about now that I’m a grown up.  I always get sad around the last day of school for the kids.  It just means they are growing up too fast!

I went out to water my hanging flower baskets on my front porch on Saturday, and a robin flew out of one of the baskets!  She was pretty MAD.  So I had Mike check out the basket to see if there was a nest in there… and look what we found!!!  I have never seen un-hatched robins’ eggs before.  They looked fake!  Mike ended up moving the nest to a tree, so we wouldn’t get attacked every time we were on the front porch.

bird nest

I finally got around to updating my wholesale catalog so it’s current (for now).  Seems like whenever I get bored, I make something new to add to it.   I can’t wait to have another chunk of time because I have a few more ideas in my head!  But it requires making a huge mess, and my kitchen is already consumed by orders in various stages in the making…  Add that to the MOUNTAINS of end-of-the-school-year-clean-out-your-desk-and-locker papers that are taking over every last square inch of table and counter space.

And last but not least, this is pretty dorky, but I was really excited when the real Kelly Rae Roberts liked my Instagram picture of her boots outside It Is What It Is!  Take a look:instagram pic

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