My New Studio

My New Studio

Our very first goal when we started Polka Dot Mitten in 2013 was to outgrow our kitchen counter.  My first rep, Sue, used to tell that to every store that bought our products.  She’d send me bunches of orders, and always say, “You’re young!  You don’t need sleep!”  And ever since then, our kitchen has always been piled high with stacks of signs and papers! (You can see all of my “outgrowing the kitchen counter” posts on Instagram.  Just search #outgrowingthekitchencounter and they will all show up!)

Polka Dot Mitten Kitchen

We put up with the constant mess of shuffling papers and moving stacks of signs around, and DUST in the kitchen for 2 years and 3 months…. and finally we decided to turn our basement family room into a functional workspace. I’m so excited that we finally finished it last night!

Take a peek at our new creative space!  The pictures aren’t the greatest – maybe I can get my photographer sister to take some good pictures next time she’s in town!



Dreams Don't Work unless You Do


Workspaces - Polka Dot Mitten Studio

Create Desk - Polka Dot Mitten Studio

Paisley in the Polka Dot Studio

Polka Dot Studio



  1. Katie, what a gorgeous space to create your heartfelt art! I love how your studio accent colours match some of the palettes in your art (probably not an accident, I’m guessing). Huge congratulations on outgrowing your kitchen counter!! (I’m a bit shy to say you inspire me to set a goal of outgrowing my bedroom/office/kitchen table…)

    • Aww thank you so much, Lena! I definitely picked my favorite colors. :)

  2. Katie, your new space looks fabulous! Congratulations! And I’m so impressed by how tidy it is. Looks like a great place to be creative and productive — here’s to your continued success!! x

    • Thanks, Jacqui! It won’t be tidy for long! 😉


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