I had a fun weekend in Traverse City celebrating my last days being 29. They had most of Front Street closed down for winter activities… there was a sledding hill, ferris wheel, ice skating, mini golf, and lots more going on!  I had a great time shopping in all the unique little shops.Image

We also went wine tasting on Old Mission Peninsula.  I found a few new favorites!Image

We had a nice dinner at Mission Table (and then learned about its creepy history)!  And we headed back into town to check out the ice sculptures at night. This one was my favorite:Image

I found a really awesome app called Waterlogue.  It changes your photos into a watercolor painting:Image

Today is my actual birthday.  I’m spending it at home with my daughter who isn’t feeling too good. :(Not what I was hoping for, but oh well.) It’s snowing like crazy outside, so I decided to work on my assignment for Lilla Rogers’ Make Art That Sells bootcamp.  We’re supposed to be drawing cuckoo clocks, but I keep getting a little side tracked.  This is the design I made today:Image




  1. Hi Katy,
    As I said earlier…a day or two ago? I was in TC too, for my 55 birthday! I also saw all the winter Fest activities on Front Street…..it was so much fun. And super cold! I hope you had a very nice Birthday today……with your daughter:) I also enjoyed all the unique boutiques, but really like yours in Douglas! I’m the woman, who bought the three Mason Jar pendant lights in November….from your store!
    Have a wonderful week starting off in your new decade of life,

    • Hi Elizabeth! I remember when you were in our shop! How do your pendant lights look?
      Happy Birthday to you!!


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